Henry VIII

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  • 並列題名:亨利八世
  • 作者:
  • 出版年:2011[民100]
  • 出版社:Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 甦活全球網路
  • 出版地:Salt Lake City, UT. 臺北市




The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the Eighth is a history play by William Shakespeare, based on the life of Henry VIII of England. An alternative title, All is True, is recorded in contemporary documents, the title Henry VIII not appearing until the play's publication in the First Folio of 1623


  • Henry VIII(p.navPoint-1)
  • Act I(p.navPoint-2)
  • SCENE I. London. An ante-chamber in the palace.(p.navPoint-3)
  • SCENE II. The same. The council-chamber.(p.navPoint-4)
  • SCENE III. An ante-chamber in the palace.(p.navPoint-5)
  • SCENE IV. A Hall in York Place.(p.navPoint-6)
  • Act II(p.navPoint-7)
  • SCENE I. Westminster. A street.(p.navPoint-7)
  • SCENE II. An ante-chamber in the palace.(p.navPoint-9)
  • SCENE III. An ante-chamber of the QUEEN'S apartments.(p.navPoint-10)
  • SCENE IV. A hall in Black-Friars.(p.navPoint-11)
  • Act III(p.navPoint-12)
  • SCENE I. London. QUEEN KATHARINE's apartments.(p.navPoint-12)
  • SCENE II. Ante-chamber to KING HENRY VIII's apartment.(p.navPoint-14)
  • Act IV(p.navPoint-15)
  • SCENE I. A street in Westminster.(p.navPoint-15)
  • SCENE II. Kimbolton.(p.navPoint-17)
  • Act V(p.navPoint-18)
  • SCENE I. London. A gallery in the palace.(p.navPoint-18)
  • SCENE II. Before the council-chamber. Pursuivants, Pages, & c. attending.(p.navPoint-20)
  • SCENE III. The Council-Chamber.(p.navPoint-21)
  • SCENE IV. The palace yard.(p.navPoint-22)
  • SCENE V. The palace.(p.navPoint-23)
  • EPILOGUE(p.navPoint-24)